Possum Kingdom Lake

The best lake in North Texas since 1941

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Possum Kingdom Lake was created in 1941 after completion of the Morris Sheppard Dam.  The dam was part of the Works Progress Administration of that era which was responsible for creation of many lakes, parks, and other public projects.  Possum Kingdom Lake was given its name by a fur trader Ike Sablosky who coined the name Possum Kingdom after the many possums that could be found in the area.

Possum Kingdom Lake cuts through the Palo Pinto hills.  This natural terrain provides for the unusually deep lake waters and the clearness of the water.  People from all over the state come out to enjoy this lake.  There are spectacular views of the lake from the cliffs on the south end of the lake that should not be missed.  Whatever you do, enjoy Possum Kingdom Lake and all that it has to offer.

Hell’s Gate

Hell’s Gate is one of the most famous and most popular boating and party areas in all of Texas.  The cove is protected by the huge cliffs that open up as the gate to the cove.  There is a huge July 4th party and fireworks show here each year.  Red Bull has also been hosting a cliff diving competition here each summer.  If you love the lake like we do, you should take the time to visit Hell’s Gate at Possum Kingdom Lake.

More Possum Kingdom Lake Information

Possum Kingdom Lake is a majestic lake along the Brazos River just 80 miles west of Fort Worth, Texas. This beautiful lake is famous for the huge cliffs that line the walls of the south end of the lake. Possum Kingdom has clear blue waters that are perfect for fishing or recreational boating. Scuba diving and snorkeling are also popular on this lake.  Hiking and biking on the many trails that criss-cross the hills surrounding this lake can be a full weekend of fun.

There are two main park areas on the lake. Possum Kingdom State Park is on the west side of the lake and has some of the best camping you will find in all of Texas. The Brazos River Authority has several park and camping areas located on the east side of the lake on a peninsula that extends well into the lake.

Possum Kingdom Lake winds for 65 miles from the north end to dam at the south end as the lake follows along the Brazos River. There are excellent markers (buoys) from the north end of the lake that follow the river channel allowing boaters to more easily navigate the length of the lake. The markers are even lighted at night as many boaters use it to return home from a day spent on the south end of the lake.

One of the most popular visitor’s attractions is Hell’s Gate Possum Kingdom Lake. This area is well known for the break in the high cliff walls that lead back into a huge cove area. The Hell’s Gate area is very popular in the summer for boaters to get together and tie up for the day.

Possum Kingdom Lake is one of the most popular lakes in north Texas. It is surrounded by many beautiful lake homes which line the shores. With over 17,000 surface acres and over 300 miles of shoreline, Possum Kingdom Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Texas. Please use this site to explore the lake and all that it has to offer.