One of the coolest things about Possum Kingdom Lake are the many hiking and biking trails.  There are some really great hiking and biking trails on the east side of the lake that connect all of the BRA parks and campgrounds.  These trails wind through the hills overlooking Possum Kingdom Lake.

If you are staying at Possum Kingdom State Park, there are several hiking trails that extend around the park.  These trails are great for exploring during your stay at the state park.

BRA Trails

The BRA Trails are one of the nicest things on Possum Kingdom Lake.  The trail heads are located all along FM 2951 and Park Road 36 on the east side of the lake.  If you are camping on the east side of the lake, these trails will be all around you. There are many scenic lookouts of beautiful Possum Kingdom Lake along the trails.

Here is more detail from the BRA website on the hiking trails:

“The Possum Kingdom Trail is a nature trail through a North Texas cedar and oak forest.  The trail has a natural surface with a vertical rise of more than 300 feet and requires physical stamina to complete.

Persons with heart, respiratory or other medical conditions that may hinder physical exertion and women who are pregnant are cautioned to consult their physician before attempting to travel these trails.  Young children may experience difficulty traveling these trails due to steep inclines and uneven surfaces.”

The PK Trail winds through the natural habitat of numerous plants and animals native to North Texas, including wild turkey, whitetail deer, axis deer, bobcat, armadillo, skunk, possum and various others. Feel free to photograph as you desire, but please do not approach or threaten the wildlife. Beware of snakes that are most active late spring through the fall (rattlesnake, copperhead, and coral).

Remember to dress appropriately for the current weather conditions. This trail can reach temperatures from zero to more than 100°.  Make sure you bring plenty of water with you!

Please be advised that due to the composition of the trail surface, it may be impassable during and immediately after heavy rain due to mud and runoff.

Cell phone service is unreliable in this area.

As you enjoy the PK Hike & Bike trail, you will encounter other trails. Cultural trails are paths worn as a result of human use over time.  Animal trails are also common in this area.  Both types of trails tend to be narrow, meandering and undefined by nature. For your safety, you are cautioned to avoid wandering off the main trail. You’ll find the main trail is wide, clearly marked and is the only trail recognized by the Brazos River Authority.

It is highly recommended that visitors do not hike or bike alone.


The Brazos River Authority asks that you help us keep the trails a beautiful and safe area for everyone. Please remember the following rules when using the PK Hike and Bike Trails:

• Pack it in; pack it out – trash receptacles are provided at the trailhead and ARE NOT available on the trail.  Please take care to dispose of trash in the proper containers.

• Ride safely – We recommend helmets.

• Do not approach or feed the animals – the animals you may see on the trail are not domesticated.  As in any outdoor situation, they may bite or attack and could carry disease.  Please be careful!

• Plan for your trail trip – there are no water fountains on the trail.  Please be prepared with water and general hiking necessities before setting out.

• Keep your pets on a leash at all times – for your pets’ safety and the safety of our hikers and mountain bikers, we ask that you keep your pets on a leash.

• Stay on the trail – our trail is cut through natural and primitive areas.  Please avoid possible injury by staying on the specified trails.

• Camping and fires are not permitted – Camping areas with designated fire rings are available at BRA camp sites.

• Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trail

• Alcoholic beverages are not permitted

Please report any unsafe trail conditions to:


Possum Kingdom State Park Trails

There are some beautiful hiking trails on the hills that surround Possum Kingdom State Park.  If you are camping in the park, you can find trail heads on the back of the camping area and near the cabins and beach area.  Some of the rural campsites are located off of one of the trails.

Exploring Possum Kingdom State Park using the trail system is a fun way to get out and enjoy nature during the day.