Possum Kingdom State Park Camping

Possum Kingdom State Park offers tent camping, RV camping, and cabin rentals.  There are over 100 campsites for use within the park and 6 or so nice sized cabins to rent.  This is a beautiful campground with plenty to offer for any outdoorsman.


Fee and reservation required for camping.

There are 10 primitive campsites, 55 campsites with water, 40 campsites with water and electric and 21 premium campsites with water and electric.  The premium campsites are in the Spanish Oaks Camping area.  The Spanish Oaks camping area is designed for RV camping primarily and is located near the marina store, the basketball court, and the swim beach area.

Tent Camping

There are some spectacular tent campsites within Possum Kingdom State Park.  We recommend going farther back in the camping area for the best sites that are along the cliffs on the lakes edge.  These campsites are the ones along the lake that are numbered in the 100’s.  This is the most beautiful part of the campground especially for tent campers.  There are some really nice covered picnic tables in this area.  These are the best we’ve seen on any campground in Texas.  The tent pad area is pretty small on these sites though.  If you have a large group, you may need more than one campsite.

RV Camping

There are two primary RV camping areas within Possum Kingdom State Park.  The premium area is the Spanish Oaks camping area.  This area has many lakeside RV spaces with water and electric hookups.  The second area is the Shady Grove camping area.  Many of the RV spaces here are not right on the lake, but they do have great campsites with water and electric hookups.


Near the marina store, there are 6 lovely little cabins for rent.  The cabins range in price from $75 per night to $135 per night.  The cabins are nice and evenly spaced out.  You will not feel like you are right on top of your neighbors.  These cabins also have great views of the lake.  If you want to be outdoors, but still sleep indoors renting a cabin in Possum Kingdom State Park is a wonderful option.

Hiking Trails

Possum Kingdom State Park covers over 1,500 acres.  There are some very nice hiking trails up through the hills surrounding the lake.  These trails are great for getting out and exploring during the day.  One of the trail heads is located in the back of the Shady Grove camping area.

If you enjoy camping and the outdoors, you will love Possum Kingdom State Park.  This is a beautiful campground with plenty to do for any person who loves the outdoors.

Located at: 3901 St Park Rd 33, Caddo, TX 76429

Phone: (940) 549-1803

For camping reservations please visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.