Hell’s Gate

Hell’s Gate is the premier party area on Possum Kingdom Lake.  It is also home to one of the most massive fireworks displays in the state of Texas on the fourth of July.  Hell’s Gate is defined by the two huge cliffs that stand as gates to the entry to a cove on the south end of Possum Kingdom Lake.

During the summer months, boaters come to Hell’s Gate to tie up, relax, party, and just have a good time.  This is a huge cove area that will be filled with boats in the summer.  On July fourth weekend, you have to get there early to get a spot in the cove.  This is because people come from all over Texas to see this fireworks show.  The fireworks show is one of a kind and must be seen in person to be believed.

For the past couple of years, Red Bull has been hosting a cliff diving competition during the summer in Hell’s Gate.  The huge cliffs that surround the cove are perfect for cliff diving.  For most of the year however, cliff diving in Hell’s Gate is illegal.  Accidents can happen and we do not recommend diving from the cliffs.

In the inner part of the cove, there are huge lake houses that have views of the Hell’s Gate area.  These luxury lake homes are located on the best part of Possum Kingdom Lake.

Hell’s Gate is famous to any boater in Texas.  If you want to have a great day relaxing on the lake, you should definitely check out Hell’s Gate.